Coronavirus (COVID-19) is changing the way we are going about our daily lives and making plans for the future. At Heartland Holistic we want to continue providing care during these challenging times. The way we provide services, however, must adapt to protect community health.

We are providing sessions exclusively by phone or video. Telephone/video will allow us to continue our work together through a secure telephone line or video link. Please let your provider know if you want to use one of these alternatives and she will make the appropriate arrangements. No in-person sessions will be held until further notice.

If you prefer to reschedule or cancel your appointment, please provide 24 hours advance notice via text or email.

If you’re exhibiting symptoms of any illness, please stay home, take care of yourself, and seek medical help when appropriate. Please refer to the CDC’s dedicated 2019-ncov websitefor additional information about COVID-19.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Dr. Jude LaClaire, 816-509-9277, drjude@heartlandholistic.com

Caryn Hess, 913-396-8308,  caryn.s.hess@gmail.com  

Molly Saunders, 913-735-6515, molly@mollysaunders.com


Our Practice

Heartland Holistic Health Center is a team of skilled and caring mental health professionals each offering you a variety of tools and approaches in a safe and welcoming environment. We are dedicated to a holistic model recognizing the interconnectedness of the body, mind, emotions, spirit and environment.  We focus on each person’s unique strengths, abilities and insights. 


Holistic Treatment

We treat the whole person, including the mind, body, emotions and spirit, in the context of environmental resources. Our approaches honor the interconnectedness of all things in each life moment. We partner with you in integrating these aspects, along with cultural resources, and any barriers from early/middle/late childhood influences.


Our Approach

 We will help you identify and confront the obstacles that prevent you from reaching your full potential. Looking also at areas of conflict or distress, we assist you in setting up goals and strategies and in developing a toolbox of skills. You will have guidance in the challenging journey of life on the way to becoming happier and more fully empowered. 

Our services


We offer help for individuals of all ages, couples and families.

Issues we help with include but are not limited to:

• Stress
• Anxiety
• Depression
• Addictions & codependency
• Releasing trauma
• Acute or chronic illness
• Reducing pain
• Grief and loss
• Relationships
• Life transitions
• Parenting
• School and behavioral problems



Dr. Jude LaClaire

Dr. Jude LaClaire

Dr. Jude LaClaire

 Jude LaClaire brings the depth and breadth of forty-five years of professional experience to each person, working in a compassionate and unique way to effect positive change.  



Caryn Hess

Dr. Jude LaClaire

Dr. Jude LaClaire

 Caryn Hess is a caring, skilled practitioner who provides a safe and healing space to work through life’s challenges and concerns. Using a holistic paradigm, she focuses on presenting issues as well as early relationships and experiences. 




Molly Saunders

Dr. Jude LaClaire

Molly Saunders

Molly Saunders helps clients remove obstacles, tame chaos, and develop clear paths to move forward in their lives. Molly firmly believes that clients are wired for growth and fulfillment.


Contact Us

Please contact us with questions.

 Jude: drjude@heartlandholistic.com

Phone (816) 509-9277

Caryn:  caryn.s.hess@gmail.com  

Phone (913) 396-8308

Molly: molly@mollysaunders.com

Phone (913) 735-6515

Heartland Holistic Health Center

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