caryn Hess, LPC


About Caryn

Caryn Hess is a caring, skilled practitioner who provides a safe and healing space to work through life’s challenges and concerns. Caryn works from an eclectic approach and has a background in Psychodynamic Theory, Family Systems and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Using a holistic paradigm, she focuses on presenting issues as well as early relationships and experiences.

Drawing from a background in music education, Caryn Hess brings a wealth of experience in identifying each person’s unique learning style and implementing effective ways of communicating and mentoring. She will teach you skills and provide tools to overcome anxiety, depression and negative patterns of thought. Her goal is always to keep things clear and simple.

Caryn works with adults of all ages, cultures, lifestyles and religions. While she is equipped to treat a variety of conditions, her expertise lies in the areas of anxiety, depression and life transitions. Caryn looks forward to helping you create goals that will lead towards empowerment and personal growth.

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